It hasn't been long since the title for Bond 22 was finally announced (is it me, or does Quantum of Solace sound too sci-fi for a Bond flick?), and already we have a poster and some tasty behind the scenes footage. That's the poster above, first unveiled over at The Daily Mail, and now a larger version has come to us via JoBlo (via Toxicshock). Honestly, I'm not all that crazy about it -- the thing looks too damn busy. And what's up with calling it Marc Forster's Quantum of Solace? I'd prefer it if they removed the names and simply said James Bond inQuantum of Solace. That brings an old school flavor to the advertisement, and it doesn't look as crowded. But what do I know; I'm just the idiot internet writer.

Additionally, you can head on over to IGN and check out a few minutes of behind the scenes footage from the set of Quantum. There's Daniel Craig swinging on a rope all damaged and whatnot, and then we see Forster behind the camera looking all director-like. From there, we see Craig (as Bond) telling some girl behind a desk to tell whoever that he's heading for Cairo. Finally, there's a scene of Bond speaking to M, before walking off camera with a blank stare. Quantum of Solace is due out in November.

UPDATE: This was just fan art, by the way, as the new, official teaser poster just launched -- and you can check it out here.