These days, James Spader makes a lot of big speeches, smokes cigars, and often has sleepovers with William Shatner, while Robert Downey Jr. is a hero whose suit is armor rather than spandex. Oh, but the good old days... Even before Spader was the ultra-jerk Steff in Pretty in Pink, and Downey Jr. got mixed up in some Weird Science, the pair fought on some Tuff Turf.

I've never seen the film, but I am absolutely in love with the trailer above. It's just perfect -- the ridiculous outfits, silly scenes, and terribly tacky voiceover. In fact, I don't know if the film could even live up to the brilliant crappiness of this trailer. The flick follows Morgan (Spader), a guy who moves to Connecticut for his senior year and falls for the girlfriend of a local gang leader. "They can't shut him down, and they can't cool him off." Ah, he was such a stud.

Enjoy the clip, and if you've seen the movie, please tell me what you think of it below!