If you thought werewolves were scary, just you wait. According to Hollywood North Insider, the new X-Files movie, strangely called X-Files: Done One, will have Fox Mulder and Dana Scully heading up to northern Canada -- Newfoundland, to be exact. Their sources say that the extras for the film are being told that they are "Newfies," which is slang for people from Newfoundland, and that they need swimsuits for a scene being shot on a reservation in Mount Currie. Is this where werewolves come from? Considering the suit angle, I wonder -- are the beasties titillated by the appearance of an over-abundance of skin?

Meanwhile, X-FilesNews.com has another source that has provided possible set pictures and call sheets. While the 'Newfies' will be prancing around in bathing suits, this call sheet shows lots of snow, and what's going one with some of the players involved -- like Billy Connelly's Father Joe, as well as Amanda Peet, and Xzibit. So far, this is looking to be one strange film. Whether that strangeness will translate into a good return of the story and characters -- that remains to be seen.

Personally, I just keep thinking about video games. Xzibit makes me think of Def Jam: Fight for New York, which makes me imagine that game X-Files style. I can see it now: Cancer Man stubs smokes out in opponent's eyes, Xzibit trains you, since he's an old pro by now, and Scully just beats down on everyone. Ah, I wish.
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