Yes, I know what the actual title of this film is, but I think it's so eye-poppingly awful that there's a very good chance it will be changed at some point before release, so I see no need to mention it now. We're talking about a film that has to be marketed internationally -- surely cooler heads at Sony will step in and demand a title that's reasonable? What was their second choice, by the way? James Bond in Footpounds of Complacency? Either way, someone needs to start minding the store over there because now the actors are going around giving away major plot details. It's not often that I have to issue a spoiler warning over something an actor said while out promoting their film, but consider this that spoiler warning and beware. Speaking to BBC Newsround, Gemma Arterton, who I had incorrectly figured for a Moneypenny early on, says that her character, an MI6 agent named Fields, is tasked with trying to "keep Bond under control" in Bolivia, but for her trouble the character "sort of comes to a sticky end." Thanks, Gemma.

Meanwhile, Mathieu Amalric is also talking up his character, the main villain, and says (another spoiler alert) that he's going to get into physical training for a big fight scene with Bond that will come at the end the picture. Is Bond in the habit of engaging in fisticuffs with his main adversaries? Not really. Anyway, that's also much more than I wanted to know, since for all we know this guy could have exited halfway through, like Le Chiffre. Based on the flurry of details that have emerged in the last week, I already think I have a good handle on exactly what will happen in this film, structure-wise, and that's too much info. In other, less spoiler-filled news, Detroit News is also running a piece on the set design for the film, and informs us that a massive MI6 set -- "a two-story suite of steel-gray furniture and frosted glass offices" -- will be featured this time around.

[Via MI6]

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