You remember Sean Young, right? The actress who commandeered Cinematical's cameras back at ComicCon 2007 to tell us of her big plans to return to the "A-list?" Her other greatest hits include stalking James Woods, being fired from the role of Tess Trueheart in Dick Tracy and mounting a public media campaign in 1992 to secure the role of Catwoman in Batman Returns. Well, now she's got a new one to add to the collection: according to a number of sources, including Variety, the actress was forcefully ejected from Saturday night's Director's Guild Awards ceremony for loudly heckling Julian Schnabel during his award acceptance speech. On the way out, she tried to clock one of the security guards for good measure. Variety's report is a little short on the details, but thankfully also had a source on the inside and gives a much more colorful account of the goings-on. Before the main episode with Schnabel, they report, Young got off to a rollicking start by "screaming in French" at Marion Cotillard, breaking into song and yelling at a video montage of Michael Clayton.

When Schnabel finally made it to the stage, that's when all hell broke loose. Young yelled at Schnabel throughout his speech, urging him to "get on with it" and "move it on" finally prompting Schnabel to yell back that she should have another drink. She then made a big show of putting on her fur coat and apparently walked in circles around her chair before security came over and "grabbed her arm and yanked her through the tables to the side door and tossed her out." Say what you want about Sean, she was still pretty good in Blade Runner. They can't take that away from her!