I think what I like best about Julianne Moore is that she is this reliable actress that never really changes -- in a good way. She's usually in good movies (only some stinkers now and then); she gives great performances; she's comfortable in her own skin (her lips haven't double in size, nor has her skin gotten really taut*); and she's known but not sensationalized. Now she's headed for Shelter.

Variety reports that she will be starring in the upcoming supernatural horror thriller, which is being produced by Nala Films. Film details are being kept under wraps, but the project is coming from a script by Michael Cooney (Identity), and will be directed by Måns Mårlind and Björn Stein (Storm) this March in Pittsburgh -- for a solid $22-$25 million price tag.

Now, while they're trying to keep plot details a secret, the project has been around for years and according to MovieWeb back in 2004: "Shelter follows a female forensic psychiatrist who specializes in debunking multiple personality disorder. When she discovers that her latest patient's various personalities are all murder victims, she struggles to find a logical explanation for the man's delusion." As long as it's better than Hannibal, I'll be happy.

*Typo corrected thanks to Cath.
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