Hearing that Mark Romanek was going to direct a new stab at The Wolf Man a year ago, with Benicio Del Toro starring, was music to my fangirl ears. It was the sort of project that sliced through remake apprehension, and sounded like tasty, cinematic candy. Well, if Nikki Finke's sources are correct, we can forget that possibility. Over at Deadline Hollywood Daily, she has posted word from her sources, who say that Romanek has just quit the project. And Variety has followed up with confirmation of his departure. What?! Is he nuts!?

The source says: "He just blew the opportunity of a lifetime, which is mind-boggling." Indeed! It seems that the $100 million budget wasn't enough for him: "He's a purist, an artiste, an exquisite craftsman, but he just had a budget schedule he couldn't accommodate." Okay... Sure, budgets can make for headaches, but lots of amazing films have been made with small budgets, and we're talking about Del flipping Toro as the Wolf Man, and Anthony Hopkins as Sir John. I might not sell my blood for it, Rodriguez-style, but I'd somehow make it work.

The studio thinks it will fill his shoes pronto, but there's no word about whether they'll stick to their February 18 start date. With Romanek out -- who could fill in his shoes and do the project justice?
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