For those of us who were at Sundance until the very end, 2008 will be remembered as the Year of That Blizzard. James Rocchi and I finally made it home safely today after getting stuck in Park City when the highway was shut down from 22" of new snow and winds up to 60MPH.

If you've never been in a blizzard, it's kind of cool if you're safe indoors, and incredibly scary if you're not. Our good friends over at indieWIRE made the drive through the storm and got through just before the shutdown. Eugene Hernandez (always on the ball, even in an emergency) shot video of the indieWIRE crew's harrowing drive through the blizzard. Check out the video right here to see why James and I, much as we wanted to get home, ended up being glad to be stuck at the Yarrow. Yeesh.