I just love really random connections between things, which is why I'm digging the story that popped up over at The Hollywood Reporter. It seems that Paramount Pictures is teaming up with a teen-centric virtual world called Habbo to put together a series of virtual goodies based on three of their films. Habbo will have the merchandising rights to two unsurprising flicks -- Beowulf and The Spiderwick Chronicles. However, the third is a totally left-field addition: Mean Girls. Which of these is not like the others? I mean, yes, it's a teen movie, but it's much older than the other two and a totally different sort of film than its companion flicks. How on earth did it get on the list?

As for this whole "virtual marketing" thing... Habbo is this virtual teen hangout/social networking site where you make avatars and interact with other people in these little faux rooms. The deal will allow the site to include themed clothing and furniture for these little things, so I guess one person can dress up like Grendel and then drool over a mini, virtual Cady Heron. But movie goodness doesn't come free. The site allows the kids to purchase credits to buy virtual products. Ah, there's nothing like paying for fake furniture and clothing.

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