For those who don't know, Quentin Tarantino was floating around Sundance last week, mainly to promote the film Hell Ride (which he produced). Cinematicalspotted him a few times in our hotel bar, but that was about it. We drank in our corner, he drank in his corner and the world was a safe and happy place. Others, however, actually approached the guy for either a pic or to say what's up. I know one fellow blogger who asked Tarantino for a photo outside the Hell Ride premiere, only to have the guy flat out reject him as if he were asking for a million dollars and a lap dance. Then, not long after hearing that story, this video clip popped up on YouTube.

It shows Tarantino exiting a Starbucks in Park City, while some dude points a camera in his face. Right off the bat, Tarantino is edgy; asking continuously what this whole camera thing is all about. Yet, it appears the guy attempts to answer, only Tarantino won't let him. Instead, the Pulp Fiction director shoves the guy, threatens to fight and then both get all tough with one another -- like those days back in the schoolyard when each kid would wait for the other to throw the first punch. Now I'm on the fence as to whether Tarantino is in the right here. It does take awhile for the guy to even attempt to pony up his reason for being there, but Tarantino doesn't give him much breathing room. Plus, it's Sundance -- these guys aren't in the middle of nowhere. If you're a big celebrity, you have to understand folks will be interested in photographing you during the festival, be it at a party, a premiere or outside a Starbucks. But what do you think?

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