As if the Best Song category wasn't already completely ridiculous, the lone fresh breeze in that race might lose its spot. If you remember, the Academy selected a ridiculous three songs from Enchanted, one from August Rush, and then the excellent "Falling Slowly" from Once. Now, according to the New York Times, Once might see its song removed. It seems that there are eligibility issues (one would think that would've been sussed out before the nods) -- songs should be written specifically for the film, and since some of the songs were played after the film started to come together, but before it was released, it might be ineligible. That's just a stinking load of offal and baloney.

They should just axe the Best Song category at the Oscars. It's never an accurate portrayal of the original songs that come from each year of film, and it almost never focuses on what's really important -- the song in the context of the film. Sure, one song may be more technically challenging than the other, or have more widespread appeal. However, fact of the matter is, the Oscars are about film -- so the Best Song should really not only be a good song, but reflect the material it is played in.

Sometimes the Academy seems to get that, but most of the time it just falls into this ridiculous rut -- one that this year made Enchanted some example of musical perfection, shadowing the other songs from Once, Kimya Dawson's work on Juno, Eddie Vedder's work on Into the Wild...

[via Anne Thompson]