Who else is tired of all the Academy Award technicalities that make this or that ineligible for best song, best score or best foreign film? Well, we can rejoice for a little bit today, because the popular indie film Oncewill remain in the running for the Best Original Song award in this year's Oscar race. Just yesterday Monika was telling us that the tune "Falling Slowly" was being looked at by the Academy and had a high chance of being disqualified due to its being publicly played before the film's release. Or something. I guess it doesn't matter now, because according to David Carr (aka The Carpetbagger), the track is valid and has been included on the Oscar ballots mailed out this morning.

Carr has printed a statement given to him by phone by music branch executive committee chairman Charles Bernstein, who said (as quoted by Carr), "We needed to address whether the song was written specifically for the the film and the second issue was whether it had been played prior to the inclusion in the film - did this constitute a reason to ineligible-ize it. The first issue was satisfied by a sworn statements attesting to the fact that it was written for the film along with a chronology, and the second issue was settled by the fact that it had only been performed in Europe and the Czech Republic and not in a way that would have given it advantage or influence here."

This should be great news to Once fans, many of whom thought the film's music got the shaft by the Golden Globes and whom may even think the Oscar's one nomination was not enough recognition considering three different songs from Enchantedreceived nominations. Now, if only we fans of Jonny Greenwood and 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Dayscould see the same sort of satisfaction in the score and foreign language categories, respectively.