Empire has snagged this new photo from Indiana Jones and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which I believe is the first to show the entire dysfunctional Jones family (minus Papa Jones, of course) heading out for battle together. Holding a bazooka in the middle is our old pal Indy (Harrison Ford), with Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen) to his right and Mutt Williams, aka Indy Jr. (Shia LaBeouf) to his left. The photo comes as part of Empire's latest issue, which also features a pretty badass pic of Hellboy (there's a sequel for that coming too!) on its cover.

Empire spoke with producer Frank Marshall, who told them Spielberg is "pretty much done with editing" and that they're now entering "the phase with John Williams where he starts scoring the movie. He's really writing now and then we'll start scoring in February." Additionally, they also asked Marshall where this installment fits in to the rest of the series, to which he replied: "I would say it's closest to the third one (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade). It's all adults. I mean, you have the sidekick in Shia (LaBeouf), but you don't have a Short Round and I think the banter between the characters is as fun as it was in the third movie." Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull arrives in theaters on May 22.

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