If you were wondering how a group of teens could find themselves partying alone in a Maine vacation home, and then have to fight off aliens who invade from upstairs, we have our answer. Ashley Tisdale's dad in They Came From Upstairs is going to be played by Doug Wilson, err -- Kevin Nealon, who has been co-starring on Weeds as the pot-smoking ex councilman Doug for a few years now. Of course, there's a chance that the teens are not alone, and that mom and pops are sleeping upstairs, but since they haven't been mentioned in previous news releases, I'm going to guess that the parents either went out for the night, or don't know where their rabble-rousing children are.

So yes, The Hollywood Reporter has posted that Nealon will play Tisdale's father, Stuart Pearson, while Gillian Vigman (Mad TV and one of the speed dating women from 40-Year-Old Virgin) has been cast as his wife and Ashley's mom. Since Tim Meadows already nabbed himself a role earlier this month, the adventure comedy will be a bit of a reunion for the SNL alumni. With these adults in place, you've got your comedy, and I guess the kids will provide the adventure. Now, if only we could hear something more about the film other than it being a comedy adventure about kids trying to defend a vacation home from aliens who invade from upstairs. Production is getting into gear, so maybe we'll hear soon.
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