Yes, believe it or not, the Mighty Aphrodite Academy Award winner Mira Sorvino is making a sports movie. However, the twist is that "making" doesn't mean "starring," but rather jumping into her first directorial gig. According to a press release received by AceShowbiz, she will be helming the feature for her baseball player-turned-actor husband, Christopher Backus. No title has been given for the project, and right now, it just looks like a romantic passion piece that might get made.

Sorvino says: "The day we penned the first five pages was so exciting. We'd been talking about it for years, but then one day we just hired a babysitter to take the kids to the museum and sat there and banged stuff out." Yes, that means that she wrote it with her aspiring actor husband. If you can't find a good gig -- pen one with your Oscar-winning wife! Whether this just remains the couple's dream, or becomes a reality, remains to be seen. I imagine they're just trying to drum up some buzz to take to studios.

Meanwhile, you can catch Sorvino in Multiple Sarcasms later this year, which has her starring with a pretty sweet cast -- Timothy Hutton, Dana Delany, Stockard Channing, Chris Sarandon, Mario Van Peebles, and Joan Jett.
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