While the extra "W" might lead you to believe that this is some different sort of Rambo, I assure you, Son of Rambow is all about First Blood. Well, it is in how it affects a few ridiculously cute English kids who love the movie. Bill Milner stars as Will, a cutie growing up in a strict Brethren family who befriends another boy -- one who represents all that his family is against. The pair become mini filmmakers, and Will tries to keep his movie and action-filled life a secret from his strict family, while also dealing with increased notoriety at school and a French exchange student who challenges the friends' bond.

The premise is fun enough, but the trailer is just cute overload -- not in that overly saccharine way, but in that endearing way that makes you just a bit jealous. Seeing the kids fly through the air and whip up homemade action looks darned fun, and by the time you see their handy clapper board, I dare you not to be at least a little taken with them. The film hits screens May 2; you can watch it above or catch it in glorious HD over at Moviefone.