In honor of Jessica Alba's return to multiplexes this weekend in The Eye, Cinematical has dug up these old clips of the actress doing a guest stint on Beverly Hills 90210. What's that? You had no idea Alba once starred in two episodes of 90210? Well, she did, and the hottie actress played a teenager who secretly gives birth to a child, then leaves the kid on Kelly's doorstep to hide the surprise package from her parents. These were the later years, when Kelly cut her hair and went all urban -- working in a clinic, living in the city. The clip itself is roughly 11 minutes long, and it shows all the scenes featuring Alba from both episodes.

At first, you kind of feel bad for the girl -- she was knocked up, didn't want her parents to find out she had a kid, leaves it on Kelly's doorstep -- oy vei! But then (plot twist!), Alba returns to try to win back her child when she finds out "a couple of queers" are interested in adopting the baby. Oh yes, not only do these episodes deal with underage pregnancy, but they also deal with underage pregnancy meets homophobia. Ah, Bev 90210 -- you always knew how to tastefully tackle all the important issues. Check out Alba this weekend in The Eye, and enjoy the clip above.