It's not every day you get to share news of this magnitude. I'm actually a little nervous about it. I mean ... Psycho, sure. Halloween, why not? But when someone decides to step up and remake a film like My Bloody Valentine ... wow.

OK, silly joke. Sorry. If we're at the point where April Fool's Day, Prom Night and My Bloody Valentine are being remade, aren't we just about due for a big SPOOF to come along and end this remake parade already? This is coming from the biggest horror geek you'll ever see: My Bloody Valentine? Really?

The original was a Canadian import that (slavishly, dryly) followed the Halloween / Friday the 13th template, right down to the oh-so-clever insert-holiday-here gimmick. Plot-wise, it was about a guy in a gas mask who swung a mean pick-axe and enjoyed putting dismembered hearts inside candy boxes. Clearly this film demands a remake.

So who will be bringing this non-classic to the (probably television) screen for a new generation of giddy gorehounds? Why, Patrick Lussier, of course. Who else but the man who gave us one Prophecy, a White Noise, and threewholeDraculas could dare to approach the works of John Beaird and George Mihalka? First-time screenwriter Zane Smith was the adapter; production on the Lionsgate project gets underway in Pittsburgh in just a few months.

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