Since I've never had IFC, I discovered Dinner for Five really late in the game, but it's a pretty cool show. The premise, loosely based on the Algonquin Round Table, is simple: Jon Favreau sits down for dinner with a few celebrity guests and they eat, drink, and talk about life on and off the set. There are a bunch of old eps, featuring names from Bruce Campbell to Saffron Burrows, John Sayles to Jennifer Beals, and that doesn't even begin to cover the people who have popped on the show.

Now IFC reports that the late show is getting on new installment (yay!), which they are calling "a last hurrah," this Friday at 10:30 PM. Jon's final (at least for now) guests are: Vince Vaughn (Reese Witherspoon's worst nightmare), Peter Billingsley (A Christmas Story, and Iron Man executive producer), Justin Long (Live Free or Die Hard), and Keir O'Donnell (Wedding Crashers). So basically, it's pretty much a group of friends getting together.

The best thing -- for a short while, they're airing the episode online, right here, so you don't have to set your digital recorders or cancel those saucy Friday night plans. (Canadian readers: this applies to you as well! Unlike sites like Showtime or MTV, which block out-of-country traffic, the IFC feed works.)