This is the story of one week in my life. I was seventeen. It was the week I slept in Orson Welles' pajamas. It was the week I fell in love. It was the week I fell out of love.

I think the above, which comes from Robert Kaplow's book, Me and Orson Welles, is the best description of the upcoming film that I've seen. It sounds more fun than just "learning about life and love," and it begs the question: How does the kid end up in Welles' pajamas? As Jessica told you earlier this month, Zac Efron has signed on to star as the kid, Richard Samuels, who comes under Orson's wing, Christian McKay will play the epic filmmaker, Ben Chaplin is playing George Coulouris, and Richard Linklater is directing from Vince and Holly Gent Palmo's script.

Now the love interest has been picked. According to Empire, Zac Efron will fall for Claire Danes. First, he certainly isn't a Jordan Catalano replacement, but times have changed. Second, what is it with Claire taking on roles where she gallivants around New York City with boys much too young for her? (This is like a 1930s-style Igby Goes Down.) According to Publisher's Weekly (from the Amazon title link above), Richard falls in love three times (busy kid) -- first with a fellow student Caroline, then with Sonja, a production assistant who is also canoodling Orson, and finally an aspiring writer named Gretta. I'm going to assume that Claire will probably be Sonja.

Variety, meanwhile, reports that the film will be backed by CinemaNX, and will start filming late next month in England and New York.
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