Emily Blunt has been all over the place in her short career, and recently has been reading lots of Jane Austen, and acting alongside greats like Tom Hanks and Alan Arkin. Now The Hollywood Reporter has announced that she is getting into some heavy drama with an upcoming feature called The Girl. HBO is currently circling the project that Gotham award winner David Riker wrote, and will direct --- one that probably won't head into production until the fall, after (hopefully) the writers strike is over.

Like Riker's La Ciudad, Girl is a story about immigration. It "focuses on a Texas woman (Blunt) who finds the daughter of an illegal immigrant who has become separated from her mother. Saddled with a child she doesn't wish to care for, the woman then searches for the child's mother, a quest that takes her south of the border." I guess that while she doesn't want to keep the child, she also doesn't want it to be handed over to the state. If that was the case, she could just go to New York City and get pneumonia. Still, I wonder how she just travels with a little Latin baby with no papers. I guess we'll find out soon enough!
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