It was never a big surprise when Brittany Murphy lathered herself in a bunch of comedy -- her roots were in sitcom land. There was Drexell's Class, Kids Incorporated, Parker Lewis Can't Lose, Blossom, Sister, Sister... Still, most of her comedies have been pretty crappy, and nothing like the wonder that is Clueless, so I'm always happy to hear about another thriller she's signed onto. (I loved her in Don't Say a Word.) Variety reports that the actress has signed onto a new indie noir thriller called Across the Hall.

Heading into production next week under the directorial eye of Alex Merkin, the thriller focuses on "a love triangle between a young man, his best friend and his fiancee." Murphy is starring along with Mike Vogel (Cloverfield) and Danny Pino (Cold Case) -- who I presume will be the friends. If you're familiar with Merkin, this should sound familiar, as it's an expanded feature from his Adrian Grenier-starring short film of the same name. Have any of you seen it?

Meanwhile, Murphy's Ramen Girl is slated for release some time this year, and the period drama The White Hotel next year. The latter will be interesting -- she's playing an opera singer.
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