As funny, or potentially scary, as it could be to see James Gandolfini in a sexy movie, especially if he gets to say: "When I get that feeling, I need sexual healing," this is just about the sexy, classic music. Just 5 days short of the two-year anniversary sinceCinematical first blogged about the upcoming Marvin Gaye picture, one that had Law & Order'sJesse L. Martin attached as the music icon, word is finally picking up again. The Hollywood Reporterhas posted that Gandolfini signed on as both co-star and producer of the the film, Sexual Healing, which is finally heading into production this April in Massachusetts, Belgium, and Los Angeles.

The feature focuses on Gaye's later years, and the ex-Soprano "will play Gaye's manager, Freddy Cousaert, the promoter who guided the singer through the recording of his biggest-selling album, 'Midnight Love.'" But it isn't all roses. As Karina said all those months ago, the film will cover Marvin's move to Europe, his drug addiction, his move home to live with his parents, a drug relapse, and then particularly sad demise -- he was shot and killed by his father one day before his 45th birthday. Yeah, this isn't going to be an upper, folks. Still, it's looking to be a pretty interesting film.
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