As much as I'd like to tell you that the above image is from an upcoming episode of MTV's Cribs (featuring Tony Stark), it's actually a screen grab from the new Iron Man Superbowl commercial, set to air this Sunday during the big game. The image comes to us from, and it does indeed feature Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) testing an early version of his suit to make sure it, ya know, does cool stuff. Me? I just want to go for a ride in one of those nifty cars displayed in the background. That's it. Take me for a ride past my old high school so I can be all like, "What's up now, punks! Davis is hanging with Tony F**king Stark!" Directed by Jon Favreau (and I truly think this film is going to rock hard), Iron Man arrives in theaters on May 2.

For the current trailer, head over to Moviefone to watch it in glorious HD.

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