Yesterday, Erik brought us the first look at Sean Penn as the famous Harvey Milk. But look a little closer and there are just a few more tidbits to be had. Slashfilm's pictures from the set of Gus Van Sant's biopic gave us Penn in a full hippie beard, but you can also get a look at Emile Hirsch (Speedracer) as Cleve Jones in all his 70's glory. As a child of the 70's it never fails to surprise me the truly 'interesting' fashion choices that were happening back then. At what point did we all agree that those glasses were a good idea?

Now for a quick history lesson on Harvey Milk for the uninitiated. Milk was one of the first openly gay city supervisors in San Francisco. His career highlights were sponsoring a bill for gay rights as well defeating the controversial Briggs Initiative. Well that and a poop and scoop ordinance, but such is the life of city councilor. Despite Milk's growing popularity in the city, it wasn't all hearts and flowers. Milk's life and trailblazing career came to a tragic end when Dan White, a fellow public servant (and rampant homophobe), shot and murdered Milk along with Mayor George Moscone in 1978.

Along with Penn in the title role (surprisingly doing a good job of capturing the perennially upbeat Milk), the cast also includes Josh Brolin as Dan White and Victor Garber (Alias) as Mayor Moscone. Hirsch will play Cleve Jones, a friend of Milk, and a gay rights activist who had worked for Milk as a student intern. Milk is still filming on location in San Francisco and set to arrive in theaters later this year.