Responding to Harvey Weinstein's comments last week that he would like to see more Rambo movies, since all that killing and grunting plays well internationally, Sylvester Stallone has come out and put the kibosh on that talk. The Guardian reports that Stallone has told reporters that there will be no more Rambo films after this one. "This is the last Rambo just as Rocky Balboa is the last Rocky," Sly said. "I can't go any further. It was a miracle that it even got done." Considering the dozen or so producers listed on the film's credits, that's probably true. Who knows how many people will have to get paid before this movie turns a profit. And without giving too much away, Stallone clearly went further than was necessary to put a stamp of finality onto this film, and there's really no reason other than raw greed to go any further with the adventures of John Rambo.

I'm glad of this decision, since this most recent Rambo film sucked. I wasn't quite as bamboozled as some others into passive appreciation of the severed limbs, exploding heads and dismembered torsos dished out in the film. (The squibbing alone must have eaten up most of the budget, and I'm not even kidding.) While I do respect that Stallone was making an honest attempt to reach what he perceives as a core audience who just wants to see Rambo knife people in the belly and call it a day, I'm more or less a lone supporter of the artistic integrity of Rambo: First Blood, Part II, a film that I believe surpasses even Die Hard as the exemplary action film of the 80s, and that's the bar I measure all subsequent Rambo films by. Seriously, when will George P. Cosmatos be recognized for his amazing skill as an action director? Anyway, so long Rambo.