A good friend of mine sent me this link a little while ago and I was cracking up. I'm not the biggest fan of Sarah Silverman's shtick, but this video -- which apparently aired last night on the Jimmy Kimmel Show -- is beyond awesome. Kimmel and Silverman have been dating for a long time, and I imagine this is some sort of inside joke (or not) designed to f*ck with Kimmel hardcore. I don't watch his show, and so I'm not sure whether this video comes with a long back-story, but if you know more about it, definitely let us know.

Actually, as I'm writing this, the video just popped up over at Entertainment Weekly and Slashfilm as well. They both say it's a long-running Kimmel Show punch line, so there ya go. But seriously, watch and enjoy. Fun stuff!

Watching the video reminds me of this one, also featuring Matt Damon. Note to self: Never leave my wife alone with Matt Damon.