True confession: I had more fun at the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus Concert Tour than I've had in a long time at the movie theater. I think it's safe to say that we're seeing the beginning of a new wave in movie theaters; bringing concerts to fans in 3-D in the comfort of a movie theater, for a fraction of the ticket prices of a live concert, is going to be the Next Big Thing -- so long as it's done as well as Disney has pulled off the Hannah Montana concert.

Here's the backstory, in case you haven't heard. Hannah Montana is the Disney Channel's huge hit show among the tween set. It's more than a show, it's a phenomena, spawning everything from Hannah Montana dolls to Hannah wigs and dress-up clothes to a sing-and-dance-along video game that teaches girls (and boys, let's not be gender-specific here) all Hannah's cool moves. Part of the enormous appeal of Hannah Montana is the show's central conceit: Hannah Montana, a famous pop star, is the secret superstar identity of Miley Stewart, an ordinary, dorky girl struggling to get through her freshman year of high school.