After three months on the picket lines, striking writers who create your favorite movies and TV shows may finally be close to a deal with motion picture producers that will allow them to get back to work -- possibly even in time to help the Oscars and the Fall TV schedule. According to today's LA Times, the writers and major studios have been able to put together the outlines of a new contract which included provisions resolving important points governing payments for work that is distributed via the Internet.

This new outline contract, which was arrived at after two weeks of intense negotiations involving key studio players such as News Corp. President Peter Chernin and Disney Chief Exec. Robert A. Iger and is patterned after the recently negotiated director's guild pact, could be presented to the Writer's Guild of America board as early as Friday of this coming week for ratification. Then, if approved, to the membership at-large for a vote soon afterward.

Hopefully, this new agreement will end up being satisfactory to both sides and bring an end to the strike which has paralyzed production not only here in Los Angeles, but around the country as well. As someone with a lot of friends out of work right now, both walking the picket lines and as part of the collateral damage, I'm looking forward to seeing this get resolved.

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