Last October, Scott told you how Will Ferrell was heading to the big-screen Land of the Lost for Universal. However, instead of a family of three -- dad, son, and daughter -- this Hollywoodized version is getting a "disgraced paleontologist, his assistant, and a macho tour guide." I guess a feature comedy without the chance for romance made the original set-up less than desirable. Well, romance could still be had, but certainly not in a PC, or universally acceptable way.

So, the kids are out, and now the assistant has been found. The Hollywood Reporter posts that Will's paleontologist is lucky enough to get stuck in this lost land with Anna Friel, who will play his love interest (and, I assume, his assistant). You might remember the British actress from her shrill Hermia in A Midsummer Night's Dream, her troubled, love-seeking Marina in Me Without You, or maybe her role as Chuck in Pushing Daisies. I have to say -- Will Ferrell is one lucky geek of a man.

Now we just need an un-Savage macho man to round out the team -- perhaps one that tempts Anna with more manly endeavors? I guess the only thing that would suck more than being lost in a strange world is getting stuck, having a cute girlfriend, and then having the only human woman stolen away from you by some macho dude. Production is still slated to begin next month, so we should hear the final bit of casting soon.
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