Oh, Bo Duke. He may have been in a ton of things since The Dukes of Hazard, and has spent a handful of years on Smallville, but John Schneider will always be that wild and crazy guy (not the Steve Martin type) from years ago. Maybe that's because he's aging amazingly well and doesn't look much different than he did years ago. Whatever the case, Variety reports that he's signing onto a new indie film with actress Kristen Kerr, who played Elizabeth Short in last year's Black Dahlia Movie.

The film, which is currently shooting in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, is called The Gods of Circumstance, and is coming from Justin Golding. The IMDb synopsis describes it as "One of the great American love stories of our time." Considering the fact that it's based in prostitution, I'm not so sure that the description applies. Sure, there's Pretty Woman, but this is a little more realistic. This guy named Mick Jeremiah is a bankrupt since dad in California, so he moves to Colorado. On the way, he visits a brothel to look up an old girlfriend-turned-prostitute. She decides to join him on his relocation while her ex hubby, a gambler and ex-con, hunts them down. "A great American love story about a couple of desolate angels on a highway to hell." Bad, bad Bo.

But beyond that, do we really need another prostitution romance? It's really getting old.

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