For those of you expecting the second half of my review of the Grindhouse Experience collection (click here to see the first installment), my apologies. Finding time to watch all ten of the remaining films proved to be a problem, so I'll have that for you next week.

This week, though, we've got an interesting little double feature from Tempe Video called Kingdom of the Vampire, which offers two interpretations of the same story. We have the original shot on video tape version directed by J.R. Bookwalter in 1991 and a 2007 remake directed by and starring Brett Kelly (who, incidentally, also directed and starred in My Dead Girlfriend, which I reviewed here). Both are modestly budgeted to say the least. According to Bookwalter's audio commentary, his version cost in the neighborhood of $2,500 which, even in 1991 dollars, is pretty amazing. While neither film dazzles, they both manage to entertain and it's interesting to see not only each director's interpretation of the story but also the differences in technology available in each film's respective period.
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