To some, she's the florist who stole away Piper Perabo, while to others, she's Queen Gorgo, or one tough Sarah Connor. For the latter group, Lena Headey has got another dark piece of cinema on the way, one that deals with death and necromancy. The Hollywood Reporter has posted that Headey, Sean Bean, and Rupert Friend will start in Geoff Sax's (White Noise) supernatural chiller, Black Death. The film will focus on brothers in "an apocalyptic medieval world" who try to find a necromancer during the first outbreak of the bubonic plague in England.

Continuing with her power roles, THR says that Headey will play the dark village ruler, Bean will take on the role of a mercenary priest in the village, and Friend will be a young monk investigating rumors of people being brought back to life. "Against the backdrop of the peaceful village lies a pact with the forces of darkness, orchestrated by the village ruler." I have this feeling, somehow, that there won't be any jovial "I'm not dead!" sort of scenes.

Sax will direct from Dario Poloni's script and says that it is a "highly original screenplay" that has "edgy characters, thought-provoking material, and kinetic action scenes." Now, this is where the confusion comes in. There is already a Black Death film listed for next year on IMDb, which has the following plot summary: "Amanda, a middle-aged woman with the help of a psychiatrist, is drawn into a web of past and present horror as they try to find the link between her sister's mysterious mental illness and an age-old curse involving the Black Plague." Keep your eye out -- I imagine there will be a name change on the way. Gotta love dueling features.
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