One thing is for certain, Matthew McConaughey definitely would've been fighting for his right to dance, if he was ever stranded in the land of no dancing with Kevin Bacon. Above you an check out an exclusive outtake from Moviefone's latest Unscripted episode, where McConaughey and Kate Hudson interview each other about their new movie Fool's Gold. Above is a short clip that didn't make a cut, but is a definite must-see for those of you who love Matt, or those who want to hear a little bit about what it's like to have Goldie Hawn as your mom.

After checking that out, you can head to Moviefone and watch this latest Unscripted. There's serious bits about the acting advice Kate received from her family, Matthew's upcoming fatherhood, and a recurring adventure dream, plus Kate's kissing roster and some effervescent treble. To find out what in the world that means, you'll have to check out the clip.