When Venom was finally revealed back in 2006, there were some apprehensions, but for the most part, anticipation was huge for the third Spider-Man movie. Then it came out, and even the die-hard fans seemed to be at least somewhat disappointed. What really sucks in these situations is when over-all disappointment tarnishes good bits. I imagine that Marvel is thinking the same thing. According to IESB, Eddie Brock and Venom are going to get their own film.

The site says that since the rights to Venom have reverted back to Marvel (New Line had 'em), they are meeting up with a number of "A-list writers" to work on a spin-off film. (They're not sure on how Sony fits into all of this.) IESB says: "We have to assume that since there is movement, and there has been recent meetings with writers, this property must belong to Marvel since they have made an interim agreement with the WGA."

It's not every day that we get the possibility of an evil spin-off. This could be cool, although a bit tricky with the whole Spider-Man part of it (even without the webbed hero as a star, the symbiote grabbed Parker first). But that's just me... What do you think?
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