• Jimmy James(1916-2008) - British flier and POW during World War II who helped to inspire The Great Escape. He died January 18 in Shrewsbury, England. (Edmunds Inside Line)
  • Louisa Horton(1924-2008) - Actress who co-starred in All My Sons with Burt Lancaster and Edward G. Robinson. She also appears in Communion with Christopher Walken and Swashbuckler with Robert Shaw, and she was the former wife of director George Roy Hill. She died January 25 in Englewood, New Jersey. (AP)
  • Roc Kirby (c.1918-2008) - Founder of Village Roadshow, which began as a single drive-in theater and eventually expanded to include a film production company, Village Roadshow Pictures (The Matrix; I Am Legend), a film studio, a home video distributor and a theme park operation. He died after an illness January 25, in Victoria, Australia. (Variety)
  • Barry Morse(1918-2008) - British actor best known for playing "Lt. Philip Gerard" on the TV series The Fugitive. He also appears in the films The Changeling, Kings of the Sun, Asylum and George Cukor's Justine. He died February 2. (Toronto Star)
  • Ronnie Fox Rogers(? -2008) - Camera operator who worked on Superman, McVicar and The Bride. He was also the cinematographer for The Adding Machine. He died of complications from a lung infection January 30, in West Sussex, England. (IMDb)
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