Remember that upcoming movie about the guy who is the first person to lie, and "harnesses its power for personal gain?" That's the Ricky Gervais comedy The Other Side of Truth, which is now called This Side of the Truth. Gervais wrote the script with Matthew Robinson, and the two will share helming duties this spring, when the flick jumps into production. In November, he picked himself a cute love interest in Jennifer Garner, and now Variety reports that Rob Lowe has also jumped into the mix. Uh oh. Could Ricky really compete with Robby?

As it's being described now, the comedy focuses on Gervais, who is "a storyteller whose job is to ramble on about the 1300s. Faced with losing his job because his terrain is a boring period in history once he gets beyond the Black Death, he invents lying as a way to save himself." I'm really loving this latest description of the film, as I can't help but be interested in spastic premises from entertaining comedians. So through lying, Gervais' character becomes a success and woos a looker out of his league (Garner), but I wonder how Lowe fits in. Will he ultimately get the girl when Ricky's lies are revealed? Or, will he have charmed her so much that not even Lowe could rip her away? We'll find out some time in 2009.
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