While we may not be looking at another Rambo sequel, Sylvester Stallone has made it known that he's definitely not ready to give up the action roles. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Stallone has struck a deal, along with his Rambo producers over at Nu Image/Millennium Films, to star and produce two action films, neither of which appear to be sequels to Sly's very lucrative Rambo and Rocky franchises. So what are the films and what will they be about?

Well, we don't know right now -- HR says that several scripts are being considered, and that "the first script is expected to be locked and loaded by the fall, with production set to begin shortly thereafter." Seeing as the guy is fastly approaching his mid-60's, I imagine both films will revolve around an aging (something) who, in order to save (someone or something), must wage a private war against (these people) and save the day. I know Sly had previously talked about remaking Death Wish, so there's a chance one of the two projects will indeed turn out to be Death Wish. The other one, however, is completely up in the air. If it were up to you, what type of film would you like to see Stallone take on? (Perhaps he'll take notice of our list of seven characters Sly Stallone could sequel-ize.)

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