Thankfully, it seems an end might be near for the writer's strike that's crippled an industry. But what if it didn't end? What if it just kept going ... and going ... and going? Well, those maniacs at Cracked asked readers to present their photo-shopped visions of the future; a future that could very well see a fictional film like the one above taking home the Oscar for best picture. There were several fan-made posters in competition, however it came down to a make- believe Brad Pitt movie eventually taking the prize. The name of said movie: The Script Reader With An Enormous C**k.

The posters are all pretty hilarious, especially the made-up quotes thrown around each one (I never knew Roger Ebert had such a vulgar vocabulary). My favorite fictional Ebert quote came on the poster for Gratuitous CG Frenzy, in which the quote was: "I don't know why the Empire State Building turned into a gigantic bear, but the fur was incredible." Other titles joining the pack include Uwe Boll's Pong, James Cameron's Exploring the Basement (in IMAX 3-D!), Not Another German Expressionism Movie (from the Wayans brothers), American Idol: The Movie, The Sims Movie (starring Ed Norton and Julia Roberts) and one called Old People Falling Down Stairs. I've provided a few of my personal favorites after the jump, but then head over to Cracked to see the rest.

[via The Movie Blog]

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