I'm torn. I'm really not a fan of that fancy motion-capture stuff used in Polar Express and Beowulf. I find it distracting, and when I watch it, I mourn the loss of those subtle facial expressions and mannerisms that are just not caught with the technology. That being said, I don't know how I could miss seeing A Christmas Carol sporting the likes of Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, and Jim Carrey, plus Gary Oldman (be still my fangirl heart) and a stand-in Cary Elwes. Sneaky Robert Zemeckis, luring me in with his cast.

Now it looks like there might be a twist to this whole thing, or one of the cast members is a wee bit confused. While talking to MTV, young (12-year-old) actress Sammi Hanratty, said: "I play the character 'Want,' [of] 'Want and Greed.' They are the evil characters hidden in Santa's coat. Jim Carrey plays Santa Claus. He's like 16 different characters." Yes, that's right -- Santa Claus. As MTV points out, Santa isn't a figure in Christmas Carol, but Sammi insists: "It was in the movie; you have to watch it again!" I also don't remember St. Nick in the tale, but maybe I missed one version. I can't imagine that a young girl would be that confused about Santa -- kids are pretty knowledge about the jolly gift giver. So, is she just confusing him with the Ghost of Christmas Present, is there a version with Santa, or is Zemeckis twisting the world a little and including St. Nick?
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