Since we forgot to add Blonde and Blonder to our DVD post earlier today, I'm giving the film its own little slot of love. Yes, in case you did not know, Blonde and Blonder hits DVD shelves today. As in, you can go rent or buy it right now. Like, this minute. Like, what are you still doing in front of your computer? Oh, you're renting Blonde and Blonder from Netflix? Nevermind then. Anyway, the film stars Pamela Anderson and Denise Richards as two women who used to be really hot find themselves in the wrong place at the right time. (And no, they don't wind up at Detective John McClane's house after a night of wild binge drinking.)

In reality, the two girls accidentally witness a mob hit and are mistaken for assassins by two Mafia men working for "The Godfather." Stripper assassins? Wild Things? I miss Denise Richards -- remember when she was, like, the hottest thing on the planet? Or was that only true in my house? Anyway, the girls soon find themselves embarking on a wild adventure that takes them from Niagara Falls to Las Vegas - all while trying to dodge assorted federal agents, mafia and killers. I've heard it's a "guilty pleasure" type of movie; one that will most likely find its own little cult audience. So if you're looking for something to rent this weekend, why not give the girls a little love. Check out our gallery of Blonde and Blonder movie photos below.