Even the crankiest critics were singing the praises of 2007. I had an unusually easy time assembling a year-end list of ten great films, and wound up with a rich list of runners-up besides. I'd say that I saw at least three masterpieces, with the jury still out on a few more. George Clooney was a big part of all that with his intelligent thriller Michael Clayton, but that's not quite good enough for the Oscar-winner. In an interview with Radio Times (posted on BBC), he complained that Hollywood is "no longer making masterpieces."

Clooney names his golden age of cinema as 1964 to 1976, when, "you could find 10 films a year that were masterpieces." Sadly, Clooney didn't name his ten masterpieces per year for these years. I'd love to see that list. I'd have trouble coming up with ten for 1965, but I'd definitely agree that 1974 was a superior year. Clooney also denied rumors about plans for an "ER" reunion, but he wasn't all gray skies and rain clouds. He turned on some of his aw-shucks charm and talked about his good fortune, rather than talent, that has made his career. "Had I not got the Thursday night ten o'clock slot at ER, if they'd put us on Friday night, then I wouldn't have a film career," he said. "That's luck, not my own genius, though I like to think it was."
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