If you've been reading Cinematical for a while, you might remember an old news piece talking about a reunion between Demi Moore and Michael Caine. The project, Flawless, has finally been completed, and now there's a trailer to feast your eyes on above. Set in 1960, the film follows two unhappy workers at the London Diamond Corporation. One (Caine) is a janitor about to retire, and the other (Moore) is a female American executive who keeps hitting a quite-low glass ceiling. The janitor then convinces the exec to steal diamonds from the company to somehow make things better. (Oh, the flawed rationale of the desperate!) It's interesting to see the two actors together again, and it looks like an interesting film, but I'd rather have young Demi, Rio style. There's just something about adult Demi that irks me. Anyway, the caper flick goes into limited release this March

[via Ace Showbiz]