While I'm sure many people are itching for more big-screen muppets, it looks like we're finally getting a peek behind the puppet superstars. Empire reports that a film company called Empire Film Group (no relation) is going to make a biopic about the legendary puppet icon -- Jim Henson. A screenplay has been written by Robert D. Slane (Come Away Home), and they hope to get a big-name director "like Penny Marshall." She could definitely make a decent film, and has been directorially free since 2001's Riding in Cars with Boys. However, I'm sort of with Empire with the idea of making it mirthfully quirky with someone like Michel Gondry.

We know all about Jim's accomplishments -- Sesame Street, The Muppets, The Dark Crystal... But what of his life? As great as his furry faux creatures are, there has to be a story. Skimming Wikipedia... The early days look pretty angst-free, with talk of his early accomplishments, and, get this, a BA in home ec in 1960. From there, you know what happens. While there were some struggles along the way, his success continued to grow into what we know today. So really, this won't be some traumatic sort of biopic drama, but maybe that's okay. Henson was all about the funny anyway, so why not have a light, fun story of his life?
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