You know how there are certain roles an actor or actress takes on where, no matter what they do afterward, you'll always reserve a place in your heart for that one movie, that one role, that one moment in film history. Well, for me, Kate Hudson as Penny Lane in Almost Famous is a prime example. It doesn't matter what she does now, or what she did right after Almost Famous, this girl is (and will always be) golden in my mind. I loved this movie, I loved her in this movie and I loved the above scene in which Penny took a whole lot of something and pretty much passed out. Luckily, William (Patrick Fugit) showed up to save her, even though he kind of used the opportunity to tell her the one thing we've known all along. Only Cameron Crowe could make a scene like this romantic and sensual. So, in honor of Hudson returning to screens this weekend in Fool's Gold, we present you with this little gem from a film which featured my gal's greatest performance. Enjoy!

What's your favorite Kate Hudson role?