It's happening again. We damn remakes for treading on old territory, but that's nothing compared to those who get into dueling biopics at the same flipping time. In a chat with MTV, Alessandro Nivola revealed that there's a competing Leonard Chess biopic on the way, saying: "I'm gonna play Leonard. They've only just put my deal together. The rest of the cast is just now gonna start coming together." Obviously, this is a project trying to jump on the bandwagon. It might not be surprising to get dueling Hitler pics, or any other well-recognized figure, but it's not like Chess was on the tip of everyone's tongues before the recent movie news.

What does Nivola think about there being 2 Chess pics? He asks why there shouldn't be 8, likening the man to Al Pacino in The Godfather 2. He went on to say: "He was a ruthless businessman and not much of a family [man], somebody who's a powerful, charismatic person, but morally ambiguous." I'm sorry, but ruthlessness doesn't mean we should have back-to-back pictures. And, I'm really glad that Nivola isn't in charge in Hollywood. Good lord, can you imagine how many almost-the-same movies there would be?!

I think this whole thing will come down to casting. While I usually stick with the first of these sorts of pictures, I wonder if the other production will shoot itself in the foot with their casting of Beyonce as Etta James. That didn't even go over well with most Beyonce fans, so I imagine that if pic #2 could find great people to play the great musicians, it might have a chance. Otherwise... Nivola, I'm sorry, but I'm sticking with Adrien Brody.

And besides, if they want to cover music men who did sneaky things back then, they could always take on Herman Lubinsky -- the man who royally screwed over Jimmy Scott.

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