When you have such an explosive, controversial, money-making video game like Grand Theft Auto, we're almost guaranteed to see a big-screen adaptation arrive in theaters at some point. The game itself has everything: Bad dudes, naughty girls and lots of violence -- all of which has made it a number one target for people who believe everything that's wrong with this society is due to violence in video games. Personally, I rocked out the first two versions of the game, and then fell off the GTA bandwagon when they unleashed the one featuring gang violence. They became too much work for a simpleton like me. That being said, news sprung up recently that a movie was indeed in the works, and that it would star none other than Eminem.

Variety reported earlier this week that a deal was in place with one of the major studios for Eminem to possibly star, but said deal fell apart for unknown reasons. Now, MTV has the skinny on what exactly went down, and they claim Rockstar Games never had a deal for a feature film in the first place. According to Dan Houser, VP of creative for Rockstar, "Some movie producers were trying to put something together to entice us to make a movie, as studios and production teams frequently have done in the past. This proposal was no more interesting than the numerous others we receive. We never entertained proceeding with the project."

Okay, so even if that so-called deal never happened, would Rockstar be open to a feature film based on their popular game at some point in the future? Houser noted, "It is not something we are currently interested in." I'm sure this topic will be revisited once GTA's sales begin to drop, because chances are a movie version would be pretty big. Then again, how do you make this film without giving it an R rating? And seeing as a majority of the game's players are teenagers, that could present a problem. How about you GTA fans out there -- would you want a movie based on the game?

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