You just don't see many Comedy Movie Festivals (although there are a few), and you rarely if ever find yourself attending a Drama-Con or a panel discussion with the collected hosts of Family Feud -- but horror ... yeah, there's lots of horror festivals and conventions out there. (Sci-fi, too, obviously -- but those guys are even weirder than the horror freaks!) In North America we have Fantasia, Fantastic Fest and ScreamFest (among many quality -- usually smaller -- events), but across the globe the horror genre is even more beloved. (And, get this, respected!)

So I wasn't all that shocked when I caught wind of Insomnifest, the world's first exclusively online horror film festival. A joint effort between the ravenous gore-munchers of Slasherpool and the cult curators of Mondo Macabro, Insomnifest runs from February 11 to 24, showcases twelve new (or little-seen) fright flicks from across the globe, and appears only on your computer monitor. (Each flick will set you back five bucks, which seems more than fair in relation to your average rental / VOD options.) But since this is the first year of the event, combined with the fact that I haven't seen any of the flicks yet, I thought I'd pick the brain of Swedish horror junkie Josh Frederik Nordstrom, Insomnifest ringleader and longtime horror advocate at Slasherpool: