In a new interview over at, director McG spoke about his plans to bring the Terminator back to the big screen in Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins. We already know that Christian Bale has been cast as an older John Connor -- the John Connor from the future who helps lead the resistance against the robots. McG spoke about his vision for Terminator Salvation, where this film fits into the confusing timeline (thanks Sarah Connor Chronicles for jamming us all up!), and -- most importantly -- who he wants to take over for Arnold Schwarzenegger as the new (and improved) Terminator.

When pressed to answer who they're looking at to play the new Terminator, McG noted, " ... it's very difficult to say because it's a decidedly masculine role and I think we're living in a time where a lot of actors are very effeminate and they're sort of skinny, heroine chic and there's really a masculine component to the role. And there's guys out there like Russell Crowe and Eric Bana, bring a good physicality, they do what they do, but I don't know if they're exactly right at the end of the day. (Smiles) Josh Brolin is a very exciting actor - we'll see." Hmm, does that mean Brolin is one the guys up for the role? Certainly seems like McG is championing him -- whaddya think?

McG also spoke about long conversations he had with James Cameron, and how Cameron reassured him that he felt the same sort of nervous when he had to take over for Ridley Scott on the second Alien picture. When asked whether this film would take place after Terminator 2 or Terminator 3, McG replied, "This is the space between; this is post Judgment day. So there really is no continuation, you know what I mean? Its sort of a different animal, whereas the first two pictures on this thing are Terminators from the future, this picture takes place in 2019." He later added, "We speak to the idea of one version of a future, which is clearly articulated by Michael Biehn in the first picture." Check out the full interview over here; Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins is due out in June of 2009.

[via IGN]

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