With all the money put into political campaigns these days, you've got to wonder if politicians should just go viral. Considering the knock-out first-week take for Cloverfield, imagine what that could do for presidential hopefuls! It hasn't happened yet, but as MTV shares, we're about to get something similar. There's a political musical short on the way called Barackula: The Musical. It is as it sounds -- a web film that features Barack Obama as a vampire fighter.

The premise of this film, which should pop up in the next few weeks, is that Obama is a vampire fighter (played by Justin Sherman) who has to "stave off a secret society of vampires at Harvard when he was inducted into presidency at the Harvard Law Review in 1990." Will he go Blade on their arses? The short, coming from Mike Lawson, is being described as a cross between one of the coolest music videos ever made, Michael Jackson's Thriller, and Jesus Christ Superstar.

There's no word yet from Obama's camp about this project, but I would love it if his campaign tune ended up coming from this project. One of the songs, "This Is Our Time," says: "We can talk about it/ We can compromise/ You don't have to suffer life that makes the man inside/ We don't need any violence/ We just need to unite/ We can join together to make our future bright." Watch out, vampires of the world!
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